Laser Tag South London

The ultimate outdoor Laser Tag venue in South London, with the latest high-tech weapons, and unique game modes you will not find anywhere else, Combat Laser Games is the place to be! 

Anything from birthday parties or school or club events to adult sessions, we cater for it all, with a special Tazer Tag game mode for adult games as an optional extra, also an Outdoor party area for kids to eat and carry on the party. Get down to our South London based venue for an immersive laser tag experience you will not regret.

Kids Outdoor Parties

Looking for a Laser Tag party in South London? Look no further, our outdoor venue is everything your child needs for the ultimate birthday party that they will never forget.

A full 2 hour session is included with squash and unlimited ammo, also a party area to enjoy food and to look back at their amazing game!


Ages - From Year 1

What Makes Our Laser Tag Unique?

At Combat Laser Games we take great pride in making sure you have the most memorable event, we have created many new game modes and go the extra mile to ensure we are the best London Laser tag venue, and we are always thinking of ways we can improve our games or weapons. 

We Also try get parents involved, and what kid doesn’t like getting there own back on their parents? 
So we have developed the amazing new Tazer Tag electric shock system!
It’s safe, fun and a great way for kids to get the own back on their parents – Now when a shot hits on target, the system delivers a mild electric shock to the wearer… The only question is, are you brave enough?

Adult Laser Tag Events

We also host Laser Tag events for adults in London, wether you are looking for a team building exercise or just some good fun, we are the place to be, our outdoor venue has a variety of game modes and additional features to ensure you enjoy your experience. Tazer tag is an optional extra if you would prefer a pain penalty for being shot, perfect for Stag Do’s and adult parties.

Selecting your Game Mode

At Combat Laser Games we are always thinking off new ways to make our games more interesting, and by making our game modes as interesting as possible, we use equipment that is not available to other companies, making us the most unique laser tag venue in London.

Capture the Flag

Capture the Enemy Flag and return to base.

Total Elimination

Eliminate all the Enemies.


Dominate the Area for as long as possible.

What people Say?

Get yourself involved with Ultimate South London Laser Tag Experience.

At Combat laser Games we take great pride in our Laser tag, and our team has a mission to make your experience an unforgettable, so head down to our Laser tag Centre in London for an event you wont forget.

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