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Kids Laser Tag Parties in London

Do you need the most memorable kids party, to entertain loads of children, and take the pressure away from you? 

Well Combat Laser Games London can take care of everything for you, our outdoor Laser Tag site in London is perfect, hours of fun, outside in the fresh air, and most importantly hassle free for the parents. We take care of the kids, whilst parents can sit back and relax, our Laser Tag games are perfect to keep everyone occupied, and create lasting memories.

Ages - from Year 1

Laser TAG Party

Why not use our covered reception area for a 30 minute party after the laser action has finished?

Bring your own food, or simply order from Domino’s Sidcup.
They’ll bring the pizzas to the woods where we are sitting.

If using Domino’s their number is displayed in our reception area, orders need not be placed until all the kids have gone out to play. We aim to make all the parties as easy as possible for everyone involved.


2hr Fun Filled Missions for the Best Day Out

Our Laser Tag packages are exactly what you need for a great party in London, with life like weapons, and a clear briefing, we ensure all our parties go exactly to plan.


Per Person

At Just £24.99 per person, there really isn’t any other Laser Tag centre you should visit in London, unlimited ammo, and squash is available in this price.  

Asset 1

The World's Best Laser Tag Weapons

Our equipment is all made in house, which will mean there is less issues and faults with our weapons, also we can create special game modes that are totally unique.

Party and Pizza

You can use the party area after as well where we can provide a discount code for pizza to be delivered to the party!

If you are looking for a kids Laser Tag party in London then fill in our intake form, and we can get back to you with confirmation of dates and times.  We want to ensure you have the best time playing Laser Tag, and if you have any special requirements please get in contact with us and we can sort something out! 


...and if the adults want to join the game


Hyper Shock

Add a penalty for coming under fire, call it fear, reality or just plain old fun but it takes Laser Tag to another level!

Completely Safe System
16+ Only