laser tag guns - built and tested in house

Our Laser Tag guns are the very best you will find anywhere in London, not only do we design the guns ourself we also build them, this ensures less issues and we have the ability to modify them to be exactly like we want. With the power of modifying the gun it means we are looking at creating new game modes, and make our Laser Tag so unique to ensure everyone has the best time. The feel, the sound, and the attachments on the gun are all made to match a real gun, to make our laser games feel like real life combat.

We also have a Fortnite themed gun which has the same feel and look, so it gives kids a chance to play with their favourite video game guns … in real life! . So head down to our London based site now to get the chance to play with this gun, and to turn videos games into real life, with the latest Laser tag equipment.

Our fortnite style laser gun

Bring your favourite game to life with our Fortnite inspired Laser Tag guns! 

A look into our laser tag guns

We take great pride in our Laser guns, and try make them feel as close to a real gun as possible. We make the guns so there is as little issues as possible so all our games run smoothly. We also program our guns with real gun sounds, to give you a proper feel to combat.