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At Combat Laser Games we take pride in all aspects of our Laser Tag, so we like to make sure all of our game modes are the most enjoying experience for everyone involved. We go to great lengths to bring out new games to make our events the most thrilling in London, with the aim to make our Laser Tag feel almost like a real combat, guaranteed hours of fun included,  and outside in the fresh air.

Our team are always there helping to ensure everyone is having a great time and getting involved with the Laser Tag sessions, there is a briefing before each game mode so everyone is clear on what they have to do. Our Laser Tag is not like any other with new modes being brought in all the time, we also build and design a lot of unique extras to be involved as well, to keep all the children leaving with memories that will last a life time.

Ages - from Year 1

Total Elimination

In this Laser Tag game mode the aim is to eliminate all of the opposition players to claim victory, you will need to work as a team to ensure all the enemies get taken out, the large Laser Tag area gives you a good chance to hide and play stealthy to avoid being shot. With unlimited ammo this is a perfect to end any rivalries with your mates.


Everyone has played the computer games modes where you have to secure an objective for as long as possible, well we have brought that to our London Laser Tag centre, creating a box you need to shoot into to get domination of the area, the longer you hold that box the better chance you have of winning and claiming domination.

Capture the Flag

A very popular game mode at our Laser Tag site, is Capture The Flag, with the aim aim of the objective to get to the enemies base and bring back the flag, but this isn't as easy as it sounds, you need to do this without being shot because once you lose all your lives you are out, so you need to be sneaky, but aggressive to win this mission.

*NEW* Special Laser Tag Game modes


For 16+ (Adults) this system is only unique for our London Laser Tag site, where we put shock pads on the players giving them an electric shock when they get shot, this is a completely safe system to add a pain penalty for the adult players. Therefore kids have the perfect chance to get revenge on there parents.
In our map we will hide a number of Fortnite style guns, your aim is to find that gun, given you the power to use it in the game, these special weapons have perks which the regular guns do not have, so get on the lookout, because these guns are worth finding.

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Games are selected depending on whether we are running Junior or Senior sessions.